will offer prototypes for free and contribute the future society.

We don’t say “No!” We will try to do something about any orders.

About Shisakuya
We will provide customers all over the world with quality of Made in Japan.

We will respond to requests together across networks of partner factories in Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Order Flow
Even if you have no the drawing and only the image, but we will manufacture your order.

We can provide design, NC lathe, cutting machining, surface finishing with quick delivery.


Until you agree to it many times, we will manufacture by way of trial.

We cooperate with you without thinking about the number of trial productions and product cost and keep the quality of Made in Japan.
Please rest assured.
Even if you are wondering whether products will be satisfied once or twice and you are worried about cost and quality, we don’t refuse the order.
We will never compromise until you say OK.

We don’t say “No!”

We’ll managed. We think with partner companies including Taiwan and lead to an answer to your requests. If you want to try various materials and thickness at the same time, we will field a request. Also, we can advise when you don’t know what material to use.

We produce experimentally even if there are no drawings.

If you orally convey a image, we manufacture it even without drawings. We can do a consistent work such as designing, NC lathe, cutting, machine work and painting. We make a thing having no shape together.

We can mass-produce with same quality as the prototype.

If the quality of the prototype and the mass production product are different, there is no meaning of trial manufacture. Please tell the desired price for mass production cost. We will consider and product with partner companies including overseas so that we can respond with your desired price.

Is it free?

Do you really make a prototype until the end? Can you offer materials? How long is the delivery date? We will respond to various questions properly.


We have been challenged various things for 50 years in metal processing.

We did not say “No!” for 50 years. We have many requests for trial manufacture that are the launch of communication satellites, parts of the future ultra high speed railway, various railway parts including the Shinkansen bullet train, nursing-care robot, future medical parts and more.

The fact that we didn’t say “No” for 50 years raised our technical level. There is no upper age limit for skills. We always challenge difficulties and take a process of trial and error. Finally, our customers get convinced. We believe that long succession of this process will lead to significant growth. Therefore, we will not say “No!”

“I was refused from subcontract factory.”
“I asked the university’s laboratory, but I was refused.”
“I was at a complete loss. I tried asking your company found on the web, because I have nothing to lose.”
There is such a request. We will do something and come together as one. The more it is difficult request, the more we can grow up. We really appreciate your request for our growth.

Our Quality Criteria

Japanese countries and Japanese companies receive an assessment from the world.
The reason is Japanese quality control. We are not aiming for normal level.
We take aim to exceed the expectations of customers.
Therefore, it is natural to get high satisfaction and evaluation from customers.
Not only so, but we value the concept of “the next manufacturing process is also customer”and“I will not make defective products as my process is final”.

Our Quality Criteria

Manufacturing with a wealth of knowledge and diverse ideas

Draft, cartoons, drawings are unnecessary. If you tell us your thoughts and imagination, we will shape it.

We will make products that meet the needs of our customers by making full use of the technology of Shoei Industry

”I want to do something like this ...” Leave it to me! We shape it. First, let’s take a new step from the prototype!

It is a team that manages internal production and make a great effort to support the Sales Engineer Department and the Manufacturing Department

We have a system to manage all processes from order to CAD, laser, brake, welding, machining, painting, outsourced processing, and delivery thorough ”visualization”.
In addition, by accumulating and analyzing data of our resources such as raw material prices and manufacturing time, we can evaluate the efficiency of production and then optimize the capabilities of each process.

We will make a drawing and data of your desired product and cut them by LASER (made by TRUMPF)

Three LASER machine supports materials other than thin plates, iron, stainless steel, and aluminum, and can process according to our esteemed customers inquiries. Since a mold is not required, we can do mass production to single item with short delivery time and low cost, which is helpful. Some parts such as tools can be processed with dimensional accuracy in the hundredths.

Bending with 3 ”brake (large bender)”

It can be used for various bends such as C-bend, L-bend, Z-bend, hemming process, acute angle, R-bend, and roll processing. 170 tons, 80 tons, and 60 tons of equipment are used according to the plate thickness and material, from large to small items, specially the technicians who have cultivated technology with many years of experiences, from single items to mass production, carefully perform highly accurate bending.

If it’s an iron box, leave it to us

We make full use of the semi-automatic welding machine, and based on the drawings and quality standards of the products we receive from our customers, we process from single products to mass production trials in anticipation of mass production. We can process any iron box from small to large.

This is a can-making team that shapes variety of complex products

From sheet metal machining of iron, stainless steel and aluminum, can-making manufacturing to welding robots, depend on your demand mass-produced products is also possible.
Instead of simply following the drawings and specifications shown, we will manufacture while making various suggestions to ”make it better”.

As a final, the product’s appearance is finished ”beautifully”

By spraying paint with a solvent, we can handle individual products, mass-produced products, and small products. The spray coating is of high quality and the film thickness is uniform, resulting in a beautiful finish. The cost is lower than that of baking coating, and it can be applied to any paint color. Also, because we use an electrostatic coating machine, there is little waste paint and it is environmentally friendly.

We make full use of four vehicles, 4t, 2t, 1t and light truck, to deliver products filled with SHOEI Pride to our esteemed customers

Three members who have a lot of experience in transporting products between factories and make a sincere delivery to customers. Before delivery, we try to pack carefully and make every effort to satisfy and impress our esteemed customers.

Processing with 3 NC lathes and 1 machining

Lathe processing from Φ10 to Φ200 and machining processing from Φ1 to Φ12 are possible. The outside diameter is M50/G3 and the inside diameter is M15/G3/8 or more. We are committed to punctual delivery.

It is the ”window” of Shoei Industry

We perform reception work. We always respond to customer inquiries and orders promptly and politely.

High quality can bring about the creation of high skill.
The skill clothes oneself in person. We value person.

If you only do what you can, you cannot grow. The technique can improve at every step of a process that you keep trying what you cannot do.
In other words, improvement in technology can only be a “challenger.” We are a gathering of challengers.
We take on a challenge and are not a quitter.