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Processing of Aluminum

What kind of work can you product?

・We can cut a sheet thickness from 0.1mm to 25mm with a laser processing machine and process A2017 (duralumin), A7075 (super duralumin) and A1100.
・We can process a sheet thickness from 0.5mm to 16mm with a press brake. We have a proven record to manufacture from t0.1mm to t20.0mm. From t0.5mm to t6.0mm, we can process up to 3m width. For 12mm and above, we can process up to 415mm wide.
・We are challenging not only general aluminum welding such as A5083 and A5052, but also welding of difficult materials. We have AC/DC TIG welders for 500W and 300W. Plate thickness can be welded up to 6mm.
・Our NC lathe can cut to a length of 500mm and a diameter of 200mm.

What quality can we provide?

Aluminum is used for vehicles and aerospace that require strength. In general, it is said that aluminum processing is difficult. This is because Aluminum has a low melting point and easily to transmit the heat. Therefore, Welding distortion, blowholes, weld cracking, and poor welding are likely to occur. However, in order to make accurate, quick and beautiful welding, we are constantly researching aluminum welding. We will respond to customer requests by utilizing the welding technology and experience that we have cultivated over many years.


Concrete case of accepting order:

Car parts, medical equipment, motorcycle parts, brackets, experimental heat sinks, etc.