Is it free?
Material cost is charged. Internal processing cost is free. Processing outsourcing will be borne separately
How many times can a prototype be manufactured?
We will propose to reconsider basic designs and concepts, together with our company once, if we do not pass even with 10 prototypes.
What if you cannot do it?
I am prepared to cooperate basically. However, processing requirement levels cannot be handled by our technology. For example, it is difficult to request high accuracy and high cleanness.
However, NO! Since it is an important business policy not to say, we will correspond with collaborating companies as much as possible after trial and error.
What objects can be prototyped?
Can you manufacture a prototype from one?
A prototype can be produced from one. Difference in specification (material, plate thickness, screw diameter etc.) are also available.
What are the conditions for requesting prototype?
We limit to the range of our company (material, workpiece size) that we can manufacture. A prototype order request form and a contract agreement are required. I will limit it to legitimate ones.
What material can you prototype?
We mainly use iron, stainless and aluminum. Cutting of titanium, magnesium and carbon is passible, but bending and welding may not be possible.
Please feel free to contract us. This also applies to acrylic, wood and carbon fiber.
Will you offer materials?
We can offer it if it is always in stock at our company. We will arrange out-of-stock materials. However, the material cost both our stock and arranged materials isn’t free. Please burden this at your expense.
Click here for inventory chart.
Can your company pick up materials?
If it is an area designated by us, it can be picked up. A fee will be charged for collection. Please load the material at your company.
Will you process even if I supply the material?
We will process in the above condition. However, we may get you to pay additional fees.
What size can you prototype?
Basically, various size can be accepted. However, laser processing machine can only cut within 2 meter and 4 meter.
Depends on the thickness (0.5 to 16 millimeter), bending processing is possible up to width 3 meter and rising dimension 0.77M.
Although it is possible in the range of width 2 meter, depth 4 meter and height 2 meter, a large prototype cost is separately charged for one cubic meter or more.
Total weight is up to 30 kg.
What sheet thickness can be processed?
Plate thickness (both iron, stainless steel and aluminum) can be cut from 0.1 to 25 millimeter, bent from 0.5 to16 millimeter and welded from 1 to 16 millimeter.
Is there a limit to the number of parts that make up the prototype?
The upper limit of parts count is within 10 parts. Please feel free to contract us.
I do not have a drawing, can I request it?
We gladly accept your offer. Even verbally, we will draw drawings from a cartoon and make prototypes.
When visiting and listening to your requests and make a drawing, you will be separately charged operating cost (Osaka is 15,000 yen (tax included) in a single uniform way. Other areas will separately calculate.) and drawing fee.
I want to tell you orally, can you come?
We gladly accept your offer.
When visiting and listening to your request, you will be separately charged operating cost (Osaka is 15,000 yen (tax included) in a single uniform way. Other areas will separately calculate.) and drawing fee.
Could you tell us the delivery date?
It depends on ordered items. Please let us have a separate consultation about that. If we provided the drawing in the morning and a product can be made from materials of our inventory, we will ship the prototype on the evening of the day.
Will you ship?
We will deliver if you pay separately shipping fee. Delivery times and costs vary depending on the order contents. Please let us have a separate consultation about that.
How is the payment method?
After estimating material cost, external processing consignment cost, please give me advance payment or credit card payment. When mass-producing, we will settle the half-price before production. Please give the remaining amount until delivery. Credit card payment is also possible at delivery. Payment by bills or your company’s payment date is basically not accepted. However, we will accept consultation based on credit survey and transaction performance.
Can we do a prototype that does not lead to mass production?
Basically, it is under assumption of full production. Please consult us if you do not know whether or not to order full production.
Is the prototype cost added to the mass production price?
We don’t add extra cost. This business model is to undertake mass production with trial production as the entrance.
Considering the sales activity expenses (new development visit, exhibition etc.) for new orders, free trial production is sufficiently worth.
When can you do that estimate of the mass production?
If you can present a quotation for mass production from another company, we will consider whether we can deal with it. When price difference is too much and it is not possible to correspond, we will charge prototype material cost and prototype wage cost.
How many pieces can I order mass production?
The mass production can be produced from one. In that case, we will repeat the prototype and complete it when we make the much-needed production. The timing of quotation will depend on products and processes, please consult us.
We want to do mass production at an affiliated company. Can you only make prototypes?
We will be pleased to have trial production without full production. However, please allow us to submit quotations of it. We will not care what you disallow it. In this case, please bear the prototype cost separately on the estimate.
Can I watch the appearance that you are making prototypes?
We gladly accept your offer.