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Our Quality Criteria
Japanese countries and Japanese companies receive an assessment from the world. The reason is Japanese quality control.
We are not aiming for normal level. We take aim to exceed the expectations of customers.

Therefore, it is natural to get high satisfaction and evaluation from customers. Not only so, but we value the concept of “the next manufacturing process is also customer” and “I will not make defective products as my process is final”.

In SHOEI INDUSTRIAL, we place importance on the following two points.

Aim high-precision processing

In lasering, parts such as tools are processed with one-hundredth accuracy.
In general, we are machining with accuracy of within ± 0.3. We are pursuing ± 1.0 mm for plate working. (Within the scope of JIS standard)


Aim for improvement of skills through training, qualification acquisition and competition entry

For technical improvement, we hold a drawing study session within the company twice a month.
We have been acquired a welding license and participated in the Sakai City Welding Technology Competition once a year, because we hone our skills.
We are doing QC activities. If defective products occur, we pursue factors, take measure, review a procedure. Furthermore, we draw up a standard operating procedure and quality standards. We plan to have a QC presentation once a year.

Through these goals and activities we believe that

· The ability as a trustworthy company is enhanced and satisfied with customers.
· Pride is born by having confidence in their skills.
Revitalizing the organization improves teamwork and raises respect for colleagues.
· Technology leads to creative ingenuity and development of new products, further establishment of technology.
· These will lead to promotion of orders, leading to stable business management.
· As a result, we can contribute to society.

Place great importance on “Aim high-precision processing” and “Aim for improvement of skills through training, qualification acquisition and competition entry.”